e martë, 3 korrik 2007

Return to Krabi.... to teach English!

When I first visited this part of Thailand in 2005, the whole area was still reeling from the effects of the tsunami. Now two years later, I returned to Krabi to visit the teachers I'd worked with then.... and to teach English!

Retracing my steps of two years ago, I was able to find the home of Suzanna, one of the teachers I had worked with. She was busy teaching a weekend class of English at her home. Quickly... she turned the class over to me!

Ammatt is the Provincial High School for Krabi with an enrollment of well over 3000 students. The school has an excellent English Program... which is similar to a school within a school. Two years ago, less than 70 students with 3 native English speakers were part of this program. Now, two years later, the program has nearly 300 students and seven native English speaking teachers.

Writing an essay seems to always be a tough assigment for students. Using the "Four Square Writing Process" these students quickly learned how to use this graphic organizer to not only brainstorm their ideas for an essay, but then to actually write a five paragraph essay!

After introducing the concept of this graphic organizers, I used as the topic for the essay, the students' favorite Thai singers / band. Oh were we off to the races with that one! I asked them to give me the names of 3 singers.... then the next step was to give me three details about each of the singers / groups. No problem for these students to come up with why they liked the singers.

I then showed the students how to use the information they'd brainstormed on the Four Square Graphic Organizer, to then write a five paragraph essay. Needless to say, the 50 minute period flew by!

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