e shtunë, 28 korrik 2007

Special Jatukam Ceremony at Wat Sisaket

On July 28th, Wat Sisaket held a special and very unique ceremony to introduce the latest "Jatukam Rammathep" amulet that has been minted. This amulet is believed to have special lucky powers for anyone who wears it. Monks from all over northeastern Thailand arrived for this day of chanting.

Water from the sun filled these clay jars, into which this monk, believed to have extremely great "Vipassana" or "Insight Meditation" powers poured the flower pedals.

The clean the mind, body and spirit of evil... monks poured water from the water that had been bless, over each person's head...

Holy water flowed as the faithful stepped forward to receive this special blessing from a powerful monk on this day when "Jatukam Rammathep" was celebrated.

After receiving the water blessing, people lined up to have the golden mask placed on their heads.

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