e shtunë, 28 korrik 2007

"English Camp" at BanFaPraTan Primary School

This primary school, located high on a mountain top a good two hour drive from Nongkhai was also the school of one of Mr. Elvis' colleagues. Having just gone through a kind of imprompu "English Camp" at the last school... I was a little better prepared for this "English Camp" when we arrived!

With three other Thai English teachers to help me, this "English Camp" began with my now trade mark.... "Head and shoulders ... knees and feet...." and quickly expanded into a whole variety of fun activities!

As music played, a ball was passed around the circle from student to student. When the music stopped, whoever was left holding the ball had to meet me in the center of the circle. In this young student's case... the question I asked him was.... "What sound does a pig make?" He then had to demonstrate!

"English Camp 2007" ended with the Director of the School giving me a basket filled with the local food.... bananas! And just the way I love them.... thinly sliced and deep fat fried!

And of course.... the obligatory group photo! The young male teacher with the black curly hair was the one who taught the students the following song.... with hand movements!

Pizza Hut... Pizza Hut
Kentucky Fried Chicken
And a Pizza Hut!

McDonalds.... McDonalds
Kentucky Fried Chicken
And a Pizza Hut!

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