e hënë, 11 qershor 2007

Snacking on "jumping" shrimp near the mighty Mekong River

A pleasant Sunday afternoon luncheon on the banks of the steamy Mekong River.... nothing like it! Mr. Elvis and his family entertained me with a very special luncheon... which included an unusual treat! No... it was not raw duck blood! Nor was it boiled beetles! It was not even dried buffalo skin! No... this time it was....

"Jumping" Shrimp! A bowl of live "jumping" shrimp was brought to our table... along with the ingredients to be added.... spicy hot cayenne pepper... lime juice... chopped onion and herbs.... which Mr. Elvis added to the lively "jumping" shrimp. I quickly noted that neither his wife nor his son nor his daughter were eating the shrimp however!

How were they you ask? Not bad! Sort of like eating a crunchy, and very fresh shrimp cocktail! They were so fresh, they were still "jumping" when I popped a spoon full of them into my mouth!

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