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What does Thailand hold for me in 2007?

My next trip to Thailand (5th) is just around the corner and with it the 2006-2007 school year is quicky winding down too! About the middle of May, I will hop on board the China Air flight from LAX to Bangkok for yet another year of adventure!

My first trip to Thailand back in 2004 was a group tour through Gate1Travel which had me visiting most of the country in 12 days. I saw many temples and the insides of many hotels, but I realized I had no idea of how the Thai people lived. So a couple months after this "Spring Break" group tour, I took my summer holiday to make my second trip to Thailand which brought me to a high school outside of Nongkhai where I taught English.

My third trip in 2005 took me deep into the tsunami zone for two months where I helped with curriculum development, teacher training as well as teaching English to Thai students.

My fourth trip in 2006, I had the fantastic opportunity of being able to live at four different Buddhist temples in Thailand, which opened the doors for me to learn about Buddhism and to teach English to novice and monks.

What does this year hold? Not 100% sure yet.... but I would like to get serious about learning the Thai language. Then, I have a real strong desire to head back to Wat Phra That Phanom where I taught at the Buddhist University last year. The temple is so beautiful and the Abbott there was willing to assist in my becoming a monk. Who knows.... maybe this year.... I'll put on the orange robes! I'm also toying with the idea of learning some Thai.

My 2007 trip to Thailand feels as though it will take on a different tone. My former trips have had a real "adventure" flavor to them.... and even though I know there are many little adventures awaiting me.... I'm seeing this trip moreso as one where I get a feel for "living" in Thailand. Retirement could be just a few years away, and I'd like to get a sense if Thailand could be my "home away from home." 2007 just might provide me with some insights.

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